not as lucky as we thought

so apparently someone from Rome who works at the airport stole my mom’s credit card details, duplicated the card, transacted money around three times and bought stuff at the Milan airport. my “okay” impression of that place is gone forever. 😒



also HAPPY HOUSEWARMING MINJUNG!!! you’re very whale-come 😌😉 

((i need to desperately continue my homework))




:’) okay so 2015 was a very inefficient year for blogging and I failed terribly at it oops. Too many events are going on in my life and I have legit no time. (ok excuses……… i’ve been watching too many dramas and movies and playing restaurant city LOL add me @theclockticksx i need neighbours HAHAHA speaking of dramas LEE HYUN WOO IS MY ULTIMATE BIAS RIGHT NOW SPAZZ AND CONFETTI AND SPARKLES and more sparkles and more sparkles)

where are the lee hyun woos in my life (btw fun fact he can’t squat with his heels touching the floor and i’ve always thought i was the only one because i’m a stiff kid so !! he is officially the first on my bias list)

since exams ended (i did terribly and i’m deeply reflecting) so many things happened (HHN5, class chalet, MY FIRST FANMEET EVER HAHA, and also my first trip out of asia which i will be recounting today HEHE)

this trip cost me a lot. firstly i had to skip cca camp which i’ve been planning together with all of the other exco members and thus i wasn’t able to witness the members having fun and their progress and all that. zzz it really sucks because i was really looking forward to ‘administering’ a cca activity together with my comm members. when i had to inform the teachers about it i was so so so disheartened about everything i had to rant to my dad. anyway here are pictures of us planning and running through the camp together with the SH hehe!! the SH did so much so i’m rlly grateful for them :’)

btw i realised my talent in coming up with nonsense clues and linking stuff together that seems to make sense but is utter bullshit HAHA like “you will lose if you don’t use opposite/hypotenuse” which and opposite/hypotenuse is SIN and the opposite of lose is WIN and thus the answer to the clue is SYNWIN HAHAHA im a cool fellow

(i just realised how horribly large the pictures when viewed from the computer when i upload them on my phone omgg which is partly the reason why i’m using the computer rn)

secondly the trip dates were so close to my yamaha exam and they wouldn’t accept our request to change dates (well the examiners are busy people and teachers themselves so no hard feelings i completely understand them.) but thus my exam will be in june next year ……………………………. i can do this!!!!!

speaking of next year i need to buck up on my higher chinese and put in a whole lot of effort (well technically i need to buck up on everything but my top priority is higher chinese because we have higher chinese o levels next year anddd my chinese isn’t very good). jiayou jiayou just one more year left!!! D:

okay for now let me recount my very first trip out of asia HEHE!! :))

13th Nov – PARIS

we spent the whole of 13th november in airports and planes (but when i reached paris, it was STILL 13th november there because of the time difference so technically it was the ‘longest’ day i ever had.) what i wrote in my diary was that i’ve always found friday the 13th so intriguing despite how others claim about experiencing misfortune and stuff….. and i take that back because friday the 13th this year was a really horrible day. zz i’ll tell you about that later.

so anyway it started off as a really eggciting day because i love long flights that come with food HAHA(oops). all i felt was pure anticipation because i had no idea what europe would be like (the people, the food, the ambience etc.) everything i see are just pictures on the internet that seemed too good to be true… yeapss.

so i woke up at 6.30a.m. that day with so much excitement… i could hardly sleep. we had our typical go-to-airport-eat-fastfood-before-boarding LOL then boarded the plane heading towards dubai. (transit!!) i experienced no darkness that day HAHAHA due to the time difference and everything it was still bright at 11.20p.m. in local time. oh there was this cool part where if you looked out of the left side of the plane, it would be super bright but if you looked out of the right side of the plane, it would be super dark…….. it was so cool hAHAHA i had some internal spazzing moment on the plane.


i was searching for an aesthetically pleasing photo and i looked at the carpet in changi airport HAHA

okay so on the first flight i watched inside out (yes…… i did) and sadness kinda got on my nerves HAHA and i found small little creatures dancing around in your head kinda freaky but kinda cute too but like omg what if they crawl out of your ears or something……………………… then i attempted to watch Me & Earl & The Dying Girl and i fell asleep omg i hope it was because i was too tired and not because i’m emotionally cold and indifferent because i heard it was supposed to be a really sad show zz i guess this kind of genre (e.g. tfios) isn’t really my thing. :(( after that i gave up watching stuff and just slept for a few hours HAHA. when i woke up i had nothing to do so for the rest of the flight I finished my math homework lolol

then we reached dubai and woaa their airport was so modern and the lifts were SO HUGE. it’s a rlly cool place LOL but there was nothing much so we just admired the architecture and sat around eating the bread given by the first flight and i used the free wifi that was provided (for only about 1h). it was vv strong though HAHA and dubai was already four hours behind so it was already cool. ok so this is really embarrassing but i tweeted that dubai’s airport wifi is rlly strong and i got a reply from the wireless network omg i’m so embarrassed LOL anddd the same thing happened when i tweeted about boursin cheese and some account called boursin cheese replied omg (but boursin cheese is really really really nice but it’s so expensive and small here in sg) 😥 it’s basically like some herb cheese that kinda tastes like escargot hmm

due to the jet lag our meal times were really screwed up as well like we had lunch on the airplane at 10a.m. and kinda had to have dinner at 8p.m………………. the stomach growls are real omg.

anyway on the second flight I attempted to play some caveman game…….. but failed, watched Brave (omg judging my show tastes), one episode of The Flash (HAHAAHAHAHAH because grant gustin) and Paper Towns (ehyy it was really not bad though but i had to skip alot of awkward scenes LOL)

okay so this is really random but i copied down like details of the flight into a notebook because it was really cool (like the temperature was -58 degrees celsius and how the altitude was 40,003 ft and the speed was 59 mph) and when we were landing i had to go to the flight details page and look at all the cameras because i wanted to see how it looked. Paris was REALLYY PRETTY when landing like omg all those lights!!!!!!!! oh also did i mention there was this really cute caucasian baby in front of my fam on the plane that kept high-fiving me HAHAHAHA so cute omgg squeezes him/her (i couldn’t tell).

and then WOO we reached paris!! i was really really tired by then and the luggages took sooo long so my fam was just caught up in the airport waiting for the magical appearance of my dad’s luggage (which appeared in the end thank goodness).

then my dad suggested taking the metro to the hotel just to have a ‘feel’ of the place (it was around 7-8 p.m. when we reached??) but the rest of the fam was like NAHHHHH take a cab

so we ended up taking a cab and it was so cool because it was a really long ride HAHA since we were in the outskirts of paris. there were alot of traffic jams and the taxi driver didn’t know why as well. but anyway the taxi driver was a really nice man HAHA the people there were actually really amiable?? i didn’t feel any coldness or any kind of prejudice in paris (and probably only in paris………lol can’t say the same for italy i got so pissed but anyway)

maybe we were just lucky to have met such nice people in paris and unlucky in italy LOLOL anyway there are nice and mean people everywhere.

i was so tired in the taxi (though the fact that the driver’s seat is on the left was rly cool lol my family be like internal (actually, more external) spazzing in the taxi……..) that i fell asleep HAHA. oh also the cabs in europe are relatively small in size so the normal sized ones usually don’t take 4 people (but there are slightly bigger ones so all is well).

anyway i missed the part where we leave the outskirts of paris because i was sleeping and i regret that so much HAHA when i opened my eyes i was greeted by such a beautiful sight …….the first thing i saw was “PIZZERIA” in large capitalized letters……

but seriously HAHA PARIS IS SUCH A BEautiful PLACE O.O (it’s kinda funny because i threw a coin in trevi fountain in rome but the chances of me going back there is lesser than that of paris………LOL but i threw nothing at paris)

anyway we arrived at some apartment-hotel in Reuilly- Diderot (di-dey-ho) (i had to count the stops in the metro/ depend on eyepower because i couldn’t grasp the french accent LOL the reading of station names didn’t seem to correspond to the station names on the board…….). omg when we were finding our room we were so funny we looked like a joke. basically we had to leave the ‘inside’ of the hotel and there was a door so our hotel room door was exposed to wind and stuff… omg idk how to explain HAHA it’s like a normal apartment where you leave and you’re immediately exposed to air and not a hotel corridor, yeap.  it was dark outside and everything so when we followed the arrows we were led to this door and my mom opened it and closed it immediately because it was dark and it looked like steps down LOLOLOL IT LOOKED SO CREEPY but anyway i found a light switch and voila HAHA then we realised there were no steps…..LOL

the apartment was really cozy and everything but there was no attachment to that place because we hardly used the place and spent only 2 days there BUTTT it’s rly cozy HAHA and the toilet bowl is separated from the toilet which i found really strange and it was a really small room with just a toilet bowl…yea

okay so upon reaching my dad was uber excited so we went to walk around and we found this really small cozy restaurant really close to the hotel (i think it’s called bombeii?) and the waiter was super friendly and patient and he spoke english (thank goodness) so we had dinner (or a 4a.m. meal in singapore) there HAHA. they had really interesting food like pears? ok wait not pears served as fruits but a cooked pear served as a meal. with stuff around it but anyway it was really interesting and sweet so HAHA. they also had escargot and their risotto was way better than the risottos i tried in italy (oops)

so while we were happily eating we realised something was wrong because everyone in the restaurant just started mumbling to each other (and across tables at that) and pointing and stuff and my family was just like O.O what’s going on. sometimes no one really talked because they were all listening intently to the news from the owner’s phone?? or was it a radio?? so long they were listening to the news. so of course being non-french (and with my dad’s very rusty french) we were like ?? is something wrong but anyway we kept eating. we heard a lot of “eeyos eeyos” (sirens LOL) and then when we finished our meal the very kind waiter asked us where our hotel was and we were like “Oh just down the street.. very near” then he was like ahh okay and so we asked if anything happened??? and he kindly informed us (in a really quiet voice omg i was wondering what absurdity is so serious) about the terrorist bombings that happened throughout paris just an hour before and we were like


he also told us to stay safe and enjoy paris HAHAHA such a nice man he deserves an award for being the most welcoming person i ever met

after we left the restaurant, we ran like penguins (do penguins run but i think we looked like penguins because of our winter clothing and stuff LOLOL) back to the apartment.


okayyy so the next few days the security was really up like the police were patrolling everywhere and many places were closed (e.g. the eiffel tower, the louvre museum, notre dame) but i was happy just strolling about paris and going into shops to admire their pastry (omg they have the best pastry ever and their bread is heavenly HAHAHA drools) and they have some really solid macaroons LOL (and meringue is so good but kinda sweet for me because it was just hardened sugar/icing?? and my brother happily bought 4 medium sized pieces and 1 huge piece of meringue without knowing what it was…….. we ended up throwing some away zz)

everywhere was so european and very very foreign but it was such a beautiful place and the weather was so good HAHAHA!! the eiffel tower didn’t light up that night (zzzzzzzzz) but i was so glad i got to see it and not only see it on those typo notebooks LOL

i don’t really have many pictures because my family and i are REALLY CAUTIOUS PEOPLE and i refused to bring my phone out of the hotel because i didn’t want to be a victim/target of pickpockets. i went everywhere without anything LOL. we encountered quite a number of gypsies but there were also alot of policemen those days so.. anyway there is a huge lack of pictures and memories because i kinda just tried to store whatever i saw into my brain…….. which is alot HAHAHA.


oh also we witnessed birds migrating in huge groups IT WAS SO COOL HAHAHA and there were these huge birds that soared and didn’t have to flap their wings like the tiny ones do

there are other pictures (like river seine) but it’s in my dad’s phone and i’m lazy to upload it to the com oopsss

my fam didn’t take the metro the whole day (we kinda just walked from place to place and from monument to monument…. same in italy and florence LOL) so i think i’ll be able to recognise paris just from pictures right now while my memory is still fresh HAHA

thankfully, the eiffel tower lit up the second day but we weren’t there LOLOL so i tried to take a picture from a distance but it was of horrible quality and all i could see from the picture was a speck of light so…….. 😦

my dad also wonders why the way parisians cycle differs so much from singaporeans LOLOL the what makes them so elegant omg we look like ducks when we cycle

anyway yeap we managed to see many landmarks (but it was mostly closed) and there was this rlly funny moment because there is this miniature version of the arch de triomphe and my mom thought the mini version was the real thing and took ALOT of photos trying to get the perfect shot until my dad finally broke the news to her that the real arch de triomphe was uhrm… further away LOLOLOLOL we rofl-ed

we also went to this artist street?? montmartre? HAHA i think the artists pick on tourists alot like we were approached countless times and the funniest moment when this guy was about to draw my dad but decided to draw me instead my dad was so offended HAHAHAHAHAHA but sadly we rejected them because i can’t stay still for nuts hAHA omg BUT ANYWAY THE ARTIST STREET WAS REALLY COOLLLL and i also got the first gelato ever there HAHA


it wasn’t uber impressive or anything but i really really like sorbet so HAHA

i think i’m really weird but i really wanted to see how schools were like in paris LOLOLOL

oh oh we went shopping alot in paris HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA because why not there were so many souvenir shops xD xD so i got some stuff for my friends and stuff as souvenirs AHAHa but i think the most meaningful souvenir is probably the small little golden coins you can get from the church x)

anddd with that, we left paris for florence!!


❤ ❤ ❤

16th Nov – FLORENCE

We took a really short flight to Florence (I attempted to read the chinese book but to no avail i kept falling asleep and letting the book slip from my fingers) I think the man sitting beside me judged me so badly because I DIDN’T FLIP FROM THE FIRST PAGE FOR ONE HOUR

(and he probably didn’t know i was dozing off)

in Florence we reached around 7p.m. in the evening and i was so tired

Florence gave off a really different feel from Paris like it reminded me of Aladdin LOL and Shrek ok i know wrong stories BUT it really did!! with all the duomos and stuff and fruit markets omg i felt like i transported from one disney film to another. AND ALSO ALSO I was cooped up in the hotel for a while because “WE ARE YOUNG, WILD AND FREEEEE i know we better together” YESS B.A.P COMEBACK HAHAHA i had to watch the MV LOL ok but my dad got pissed because it was getting late and we had to walk around and see the place


speaking of the hotel the first thing that caught my eye was this really weird lighting design LOLOL


i mean it makes a really nice picture but what’s the function of the design hAHAHAHA omg it made the room look really…… circular

AND YASS i kinda regretted wasting time because once i got out of the hotel i was like WOA omg the feels hAHA. the italians are way more outspoken than the french and down the street you feel like everyone’s kinda shouting to each other….. in a really jovial manner, not in the angry way i guess… i hope. LOLL

anyway in florence you see leather goods EVERYWHERE and my fam is crazy leather fanatics so HAHAHA. there’s this small little shop called Dantesca where an old man makes handmade leather goods and it’s actually really really good because he is super reasonable with his pricing and gives you discounts if it wasn’t made up to standard.

unlike this shop run by two italians (a couple i think) and they charge their stuff really expensive and give false data REMEMBER TO CHECK PEOPLE because we got so pissed at them omg.

also my mom managed to get stuff at half price LOLOLOL (omg i feel so bad for the seller because the my mom’s price was….. really low compared to the normal selling price) ok that’s a different story but at least that made up for that scamming couple

i think the best thing in italy was their pizza LOLOLOLOL but we got it freshly made and everything so HEHEHE also i tried the margherita one because my dad kept recommending it and i didn’t think it was very special so i asked him “why do you keep recommending this??”

dad: ….

me: …..

dad:…….”because it’s the cheapest.”

………… T.T

another funny moment in florence – okay so my mom is a leather fanatic and really wanted to find that Dantesca shop but we couldn’t find it LOL we just kept circling around the Duomo (after watching the video on how Duomo was built, my dad felt so cheated HAHA because the dome wasn’t actually as big as it looked from the inside LOL)

then we overheard this china tourguide telling his group he will “bring them to the place that makes leather”

and we kinda


followed them……………lol

BUT WE GAVE UP HALFWAY because they were walking in really weird directions and we ended up lost and thanks to my bro’s map reading skills we managed to end up at the Duomo again and attempt the search after the futile follow-the-china-tourgroup operation

and then at Dantesca my dad kinda kept laughing at this recommendation in the “recommendation notebook” because this guy kinda wrote “买吧!国人!” in his recommendation LOLOLOL and then my dad was like nvm the old man can’t understand chinese anyway but turns out the old man has a disciple………… in the small little shop…….. together with us……. who came from taiwan


my bro was so pissed at us shopping he sat on the floor (and got judged v badly) sweatpants + holes in shoes and unkempt and all T.T sorry bro

anyway we walked everywhere in florence since it was relatively smaller. we went to some museums HAHA and also a palace-turned-museum and it was so cool because i got to see the queen’s bedchamber and everything and i really really wanted to enter palaces and castles as a kid but we got heavily judged because we asked “whose palace is this????” LOLOLOL. the woman at the ticket counter totally black faced us like wts? but i think she had a hard time giving us an answer as well LOLOL

so there was a painting of this guy who kinda did a “cheese” sign and my dad kinda happily posed like him and called him “stylo milo” omg

also we went to the museum that held the statue of david and my dad kinda influenced me to find the funny in paintings in order to appreciate it even more. so on this painting of saints and Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary there was this guy in armor, and my dad was like wts there was armor then??? so he found it a little weird and we read the description and it turned out that armored man was the guy who paid for the painting to be drawn…..

also another artist vv cute he painted a self portrait in the painting HAHAHAHAHAHA at the left hand side at a really small corner

my dad who never took any solo pics with any landmarks or monuments decided to take a serious solo pic with these 2 paintings omg my hand kept shaking because i couldn’t contain my laughs

we were busy taking pictures of napoleon’s bathroom and my dad’s nonstop commentary made me snort in a deadly silent museum omggg. ATL

(sadly the pictures are not on the com right now and i’m too lazy to email it to myself so i’ll edit it in at a later time or something HAHA)

also i was staring at this painting of a lady for really long because i thought woaaa who was this she’s beautiful and when i read the description the lady didn’t exist, instead it was a depiction of what they perceived as perfect beauty back then.

muhahahahahaha i should go study art HAHA jkjk pedofaces

there were so many talented buskers and artists. there was this guy who was so good with the violin HAHA. they busk at night when the street was fullll of cozy feels and there was alot of PDA LOLOL but it’s so normal in other countries that when i returned to singapore i was judging stomp so badly

also the security in florence was really tight and their policemen had these cute hats on!!! it was so interesting to see the different police uniforms in different parts of the world LOL

also the croissants in italy can never compare to france oops HAHA.

basically in florence we went to museums, roamed about alot to embrace the atmosphere of the streets, tried alot of food (like ravioli LOL and carbonara spaghetti (tbh, i think it was really weird with egg and ham)) andd bought alot of leather stuff.

after that we left for rome via a train (the train was so fast my ears got blocked and i really hate that feeling LOL i used to cry about that when i was younger i hate my ears being blocked i hate anything that affects my ears my ears are precious) x)

20th Nov – ROME

Okay so by the time i reached rome i was really tired HAHAHA like really really tired so i didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as i did for the previous two places. we stayed at an apartment, and my dad was so embarrassing because it was a legit italian house and there were doorbells and everything, but he read the instructions wrongly and we ended up pressing the wrong doorbell a couple of times. my dad even went all “HELLO HELLO!!” after we pressed the button (they can hear us, it kinda works like a condo)

we were greeted by the most jovial lady ever (well, at first) and she invited us into the house and explained everything we needed to know (but we kinda zoned out after a while because it was kinda long winded T.T biggest mistake ever)

so we kinda had a horrible experience (ESPECIALLY ME)

what happened was that we thought the heater wasn’t working the first day and it was freeeezing cold so we called her to check, there was like a trip??? or something and she had to call some technician over the next day.  apparently we pressed some button (LOLOL) that turns off the heater which is vvv dumb and i admit it was kinda our fault because we were clueless about how italian houses worked but what pissed me off was how i was sleeping and my fam was out for dinner and she kinda just barged in and told me to


i was like woahhh chill omg i did no shit i had honestly nothing to say to her then i was so scared she’d drive us out of the place :((

both mom and her had loud voices and they were kinda fighting to be heard even though they weren’t really arguing LOL they kinda were saying nice words in a very loud and rowdy manner that if you don’t understand english you’d probably think they were swearing at each other lolololloloooll


anyway my parents were obliged to give her a good review because she kept hinting it (andd she didn’t exactly return so now we’re just like -_-) so i’m just ranting everything here LOLOLOL i’m so sorry

so rome kinda went badly for me and i didn’t get any souvenirs there LOLOL. and the funniest thing was i still threw a coin at the trevi fountain (btw the trevi fountain is PACKED with people you will never be able to get a decent solo shot there because there WILL be people squeezing you from right and left) and there was this woman that kinda sat on me????????????????????????????????????????????????????


me and my attempt to avoid humans in the photo LOL

also the security was super tight here AS WELL HAHA like we got stopped entering a fast food restaurant for a bag check?????????? LOL we laughed and the bag checking man laughed and then we left because we didn’t want to go through with the trouble (we kinda safety pinned all our bags so that thieves can’t open it easily HAHAHa)

we also signed up for a tour around Vatican museum HAHAHAHA the museum was really cool but the tour kinda seemed really rushed and everything there wasn’t time to stop around and admire the sculptures and paintings but we got to see michael angelo’s work and admire it for quite some time so all is well :D:D

((still couldn’t see monalisa though because the louvre was closed 😦 zzz i wanted to try that eyes-following-you-around thing HAHA))

We also went to the Collosseum and IT REMINDED ME SO MUCH OF HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON LOLOLOL I LOVE U TOOTHLESS toothless is so cuteeee omg squishes!!!!! so i was kinda busy imagining the dragons being caged up and then the vikings sitting around and yea kinda ruined the real history of the Collosseum thanks to my little fantasy world

but it must’ve been so grand when it was solely made of marble omg O.O

okay and then i have to admit probably the most memorable thing is the gelato from La Romana hAHAHAHA and by that i mean just the ice cream. not the service. the young ladies at the counter kinda roll their eyes at you when you can’t understand them and when you ask them too many questions and we had to suffer this treatment for like 3 days because the ice cream was too good LOL i eventually talked my family out of it on the last day because i couldn’t stand them any longer oops

ANYWAY the ice cream was GLORIOUS HAHAHA because they will fill the bottom with either hazelnut or white chocolate (you can choose) so it doesn’t end up just as an empty biscuit like the other gelatos you get from any other store. teehee :))


(they don’t sell the supermario yoghurt in singapore T.T it comes with chocolate that you can add in and mix around omgggg and danone greek yoghurt is so expensive here but we’re still buying it LOL obsessions obsessions so is boursin cheese)

well of course there were some good moments in rome too like there is this restaurant called Il Molo with the most humble and patient waiters ever HAHAHA and their food was really good too omg the mussels and their risotto probably comes in second after the one i had in paris HEHEHEHEHE many thumbs up for them!!!!!!!! one of the waiters reminded me of an older version of my schoolmate LOLOLOLOL

also i had like molten hot chocolate from some random restaurant (it was good) butthe waiter said our english was “so-so” and the ironic thing was that he couldn’t speak english LOLOL we had such a hard time conversing but the main reason why we sat down at that restaurant was because my dad had to use the toilet LOLOLOL desperate times call for desperate measures

ALSO IN ROME there was this asian guy (who looked ard my age????) who took a panorama and right now i’m panorama paranoid because i kinda photobombed his panorama of the interior of the Pantheon LOL MIANHAE i was too busy admiring the ceiling and probably looked like some hobo pls delete the photo or if u see this pls send it to me LOL im in desperate need of pictures (101 regrets about not bringing my phone out) but he probably won’t see this so

andd well that’s about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we came back the same way and spent 4h at the transit (uhrrmm i suggest not trying the chinese food in dubai HAHAHA) i watched some more episodes of The Flash and some disney show called descendants that didn’t seem to make much sense OH AND i watched the fox and the hound and i started crying in the airplane because the fox and the hound was so sad omg when the air steward wanted me to order food he laughed because i had to wipe away tears wts so embarrassed T.T

overall it was really really an enjoyable trip and my first time going somewhere out of Asia and i’m so blessed to be able to do so. i learned so much (e.g. the way the people behave, how they spend their free time together, their food) and was able to experience a whole lot of things (like seeing birds migrating) and have funny and joke moments together with my familyy HEHE :))

i can’t say i had the best experience with the people in rome but maybe we were just kinda unlucky and that there are of course really really nice people there (like the waiters LOLOL)

andddd i am totally in love with paris HAHAHAHA if i can i will definitely visit paris again in the future oops HEHE time to find a french friend to ease potential difficulties i may face




Breathing in the salty air of summer…… (because SG) 🍂


on the other hand, I really needed the holidays because everything was just piling up so badly and I needed it as a breather HAHAHA. Y3 is really just 😲😲

so I practically wasted my day away sleeping in, staring at the ceiling and eating ice cream etc. basically, being a sloth and I regret it BUT on a happier note today, finally cleared things up and all the misunderstandings have vanished because wow, today, i learnt that communication really is key in saving friendships HAHA

it just needs to start with a “hey do you want to talk”, then let us rant and cry and lay our feelings bare – i don’t know how to explain, but everyone has a good heart, it’s just under misunderstandings and circumstances that we break and drift apart

plus I really treasure all my friends so 🙆😁

also my rubber bands are turning really weird?? like it’s powdery and the bag is powdery. Could it be possible that my rubber bands are … crumbling into dust

Okay to be honest I am QUITE PARANOID about my rubber bands because one fine day marion accidentally swallowed her rubber band while eating chicken chop rice

and then I got stomach flu and started vomiting like crazy that night very very scarred for life

but I’m not sure if it’s due to that or the Vitagen Elderflower drink I drank……….. omg after that bottle of Vitagen GOODBYE VITAGEN I’M STICKING TO YAKULT because to be cruelly honest, when I think about that taste in my mouth, I feel like vomiting all over again. D: I’m sorry Vitagen T.T

Yesterday we had a nubbda meet up (lmao but it’s for ACE infographic assignment and partly, chionging our modulus function assignment). Zzz it has been quite long since nubbda had a non-project (actually, practically never) outing man can’t wait for eoys to be over so that we can finally have a legit outing without stressing over project this and that

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

 Actually I can’t wait for eoys to be over for so many things e.g. HHN5!!!! Class chalet (??), class outings, clique outings etc. and of course meet ups with jocelyn and 6 Wisdom HAHA omg

but there are really scary things after eoys too like……. my yamaha exam that I finally got enough courage to sign up for D:

I’ve been preparing since like what p5????? But I’d never plucked up enough courage to sign up and NOW I DID and I hope I won’t regret it. I have like around 3 months to chiong prepare and improve from my current standard so let’s go marion!!!! i can do dis

gahh should put away all my post-eoy thoughts for now and think about what’s important – chinese oral and eoys

that bold one…………………. i’m not bold enough to do D: (omg do u see what i did do u SEE IT)


Two days ago I saw some people from 6 Wisdom (Jocelyn, Jotham, Cindy, Arman and Miss Pang) and omggg I actually kinda miss them. Tbh my personality changed alot throughout the years and people I hardly spoke to when I was in primary school I can speak to so easily now!!!!! 

we also had teacher’s day HAHA michelle phua made a really nice video aka 3M expectations vs reality but all we did was watch thAT and attempted a class truth or dare 😂 but quite fun laa as long as we are together as a class celebrating chewy and jelly (OH did i mention they treated us to bubble tea a few days back and held a surprise CCE lesson in the canteen really quite touched by them 😭 )

also my dad is an online shopaholic save my soul he is influencing me badly

anyway it’s 12.17a.m. and hopefully from today onwards my september holidays will become more productive than it seems to be right now HAHA💪💪

heyyoozzz :-)

yO it’s me!! 🙂 okayy so I’m taking a slight break from and even though it’s already 10.40p.m. so I’m probablyy gonna sleep really late ((again)) HAHAHA what’s new nothing

anyway I moved here from because of some slight complications………….. ok so like I was playing around with wordpress then I realised I could add super pro widgets and this site looked nice (except for the font LOL it looks 2cheem4me like look at the quality of my posts uhrmm) AND I COULDN’T ABANDON IT i mean i spent like 75167887634567897 hours trying to add widgets here and there so………………………..


but anyway I have like 2 blogs now and I didn’t know what to do so I was just like yo new me new marion new 2015 new experiences blablabla and somehow managed to convince myself to just “shift” over HAHAHA

this is like a super lame intro AND BY THE WAY today in history class I was just enlightened by the fact that EOYs ARE COMING REALLY SOON??????????????????????????? I mean like 2015 what 2015 the year just passed by so quickly omg??? and i remember i was still trying to, struggling to finish recounting what happened in 2014 and wow it’s gonna be 2016 ha ha haa

I think we can all forget about whatever happened in 2014 already i give up recounting THE PAST IS THE PAST the future, is what’s important LOLOL such cheem

okkk so it’s like 10.54p.m. now HAHAHA time to chiong Wagner’s life wagner whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you do dis

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

AND ALSO all the Wagner homework were supposedly due today so now I’m 1/3 closer to getting detention so BYE FAREWELL I’LL SEE YOU SOON

^ ok so I wanted to insert a picture but nothing relates to this random post so here's a random picture of Mazeltov aka a rlly gr8 class WOO much love much sparkles n much confetti

^ ok so I wanted to insert a picture but nothing relates to this random post so here’s a random picture of Mazeltov aka a rlly gr8 class WOO much love much sparkles n much confetti :’)